Trapper Keeper 1

Trapper Keeper 1

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Trapper Keeper is informed by a grim view of where we have arrived in time and where we are going. It is undeniable that our species is now under a toxic combination of pressures and may be reaching a critical turning point. This publication will serve as a platform for extreme visions informed by what is happening in the world today and what direction humanity could take.  

Featuring drawing, photography, comics and writing by 14 contemporary visual artists including Kat Bayard, Benjamin Brubaker, Nina Carelli, Anya Davidson, Curtis Hamilton, Mendon Kissling, Yuriko Katori,  Lane Milburn, Justin Maung, Ben Mendelewicz, Adam Ryder, Leon Sadler, White Swallows, , and Panayiotis Terzis.
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